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African Horned Cucumber

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  •  Cucumis metuliferus
  • Also known as Kiwano this native to Africa and annual climber grows in the wild as well as in cultivation. The fruits are oval, green and ripen to red-orange. The skin is covered with short, blunt unique looking spikes.  The plant grows just like other cucumber plants with vines reaching 5 - 10 feet long.  Flowers form with two to four pale yellow male flowers, a leaf petiole, and occasionally a fruiting branch. Hardy to Zone 10. Although edible and most often squeezed into juices it is primarily grown for its ornamental cool, prehistoric look.
  •  In Zimbabwe, this cucumber is called gaka or gakachika, and it is primarily used in fruit-snacks, salad, and, rarely, for decoration. Its taste has been compared to a combination of cucumber andzucchini or a combination of banana, cucumber and lemonA small amount of salt or sugar can increase the flavor. The fruit can be used in cooking, but when eaten raw, most suck out the pulp and spit out the seeds.
  •  Bright yellow fruit
  •  unique and rare